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Valley Camp Outline

The Valley Camp is an important part of team building and strengthening relationships in the group. Run at the start of Term 2, it is an important part of cementing relationships that have developed during the year.

The Valley Camp will allow students to experience the beauty and realities of nature. It is in this natural setting that they will have the chance to learn more about themselves and discover their strengths and weaknesses. As this learning takes place in a group situation students will also be an active part of others' learning and come to realise their potential to help others in their journey. 

Valley camp can also include a solo night. The objective of the solo is to challenge students with the solitude of their own company. Teenagers today spend almost no time out of contact with others and for them 12 hours without communication is a perceived impossibility. However in meeting this challenge they will be faced with an opportunity to understand themselves and the impact of their actions on others more clearly.

Valley Camp Booklet (PDF)

Valley Camp Deposit Form (PDF)

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