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South East Asia Trip Outline

The South East Asia trip is seen as a 'rite of passage' for JCS students. During the trip students will take greater responsibility for themselves and their possessions. The trip is the essence of 'real life learning'. This is one of the most challenging camps we offer. It forms an integral part of our social and emotional development program. It is also a fun trip and well-earned break from school (and winter) in term three.

The South East Asia trip is a chance for students to experience and learn about new people and places. Students will experience different culture, foods, spirituality and ways of life. As they interact with people living vastly different lives to them they are presented with learning opportunities where they must see themselves and their own situation in a different light. As Australia becomes increasingly economically, socially, politically and culturally connected with South East Asia, this camp will also help students to develop a cultural and human understanding that will enable them to be informed, considered and effective members of their community and wider society. 

South East Asia and its countries are our closest neighbours. In the future an ability to communicate with and understand the people from these countries will give students advantages in a number of areas including business, politics and community development. 

The South East Asia trip is a six day five night camp. Please be aware students will need a valid passport. JCS does not require students to be immunised and this is at the discretion of parents and students. Please refer to the DEFAT website for recommendations.

South East Asia Trip Booklet (PDF)

South East Asia Trip Advice (PDF)

South East Asia Trip Deposit Form (PDF)

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