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School Work

We understand that many students coming to our school may have missed out on some of their schooling and have therefore fallen behind academically. We aim to improve student's academic skills and work ethics.

There are certain expectations that we work on with students:

  • Students learn to bring all relevant reading materials, textbooks, 
  • writing books and other equipment to class.

  • Students learn to read the texts before school term starts.

  • Any work not completed at school may be completed at home. 
  • Staff are available outside school hours to assist with homework.

  • Students learn to hand tasks in on the draft date and then on the
  •  due date. 
  • Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions and 
  • activities including camps and excursions.

  • Students learn to manage their own time and keep up to date in 
  • line with DECV expectations and deadlines.

  • Students learn to communicate with DECV teachers as well as
  •  JCS staff to complete work and meet work requirements.

If a student is struggling with any of these expectations, a parent-teacher meeting will be called to work through the issues and set short and long term goals.

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