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The Jon Carnegie School Philosophy

The Jon Carnegie School provides a wide ranging, cross sectional approach to education. The school provides not only the Year 7 to 12 curriculum of a standard school, but we also provide a range of real life learning experiences which prepare students for the modern world. These are designed to specifically tackle issues that teenagers are dealing with and promote practices which will help them lead a s successful life.

Self Esteem

JCS believes that without the development of self-esteem, young people cannot move forward in pursuit of a meaningful education.


JCS believes that without the honest ability to reflect on them-selves and others, young people cannot move forward in understanding exactly what drives them to a meaningful education.


JCS believes that without self-discipline, young people are incapable of working through the difficulties which stand between them and a meaningful education.

Responsibility For Your Own Actions

JCS believes the children of today must learn to take responsibility for their own actions. While accepting that there are many situations which are not the fault of the student, it is incumbent on educators to teach the skills required to develop the resilience to cope with these situations when they arise.

Teach Globalisation is About Expansion of the Human Spirit

JCS believes globalisation is as much about understanding the differences between people and cultures as it is about economics and change. Our curriculum and camp program provides students with a chance to learn about and appreciate these differences as a way of enriching their own lives.

Teaching Natural Cycles

JCS believes that by revolving our curriculum around the fundamental laws of nature, we provide a sustainable, responsible model from which young people can draw their life lessons.

Tolerance and Acceptance

JCS promotes open, honest communication between students, staff and parents. In alignment with the philosophy of seeking to understand in order to be understood, all JCS communication is designed to promote emotionally intelligent communications and conflict resolutions.

Real Life Learning

JCS believes that real life learning is based in vocational and outdoor education models which encourage young people to learn through experience rather than theory.


JCS aims to develop leadership skills in all of our students. This will give them the skills to be effective communicators, strong and effective operators in their chosen field and the ability to address the needs in their own lives and the world around them.


At the heart of effective Leadership is service. We also believe that it is the service of self and others that is the greatest motivator. At JCS we teach that service is at the heart of a more meaningful and productive life.