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How We Operate

The school itself operates on a number of levels to support entrepreneurship, self-knowledge, group knowledge, international understanding and an insight into the natural cycles which govern our lives.


Our Melbourne Campus is the JCS Head Office as well as our school for and acts as the administrative centre for the all aspects of the school’s activities. Parent and student meetings are held at the centre along with smaller local workshops and family meetings. 


We aim to prepare students for the workforce they will be entering. This means they must understand media and its creation. Through our GMedia campus we offer students a practical and real life learning experience that will prepare them for the world they will be entering after school. 


Given a large part of the JCS curriculum revolves around the outdoors and an understanding of natural cycles, the school also offers an outdoor based curriculum. This is run through our camp program. Here, students and the wider community participate in outdoor activities, farm and nature related activities and interact with local and international travellers.


JCS also operates camps in South East Asia where students can work with local communities. This cultural exchange sees our students teach English to young people while also learning the practices of the local people in return.

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