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Student FAQs

Is there a uniform?

There is no formal uniform. Students are encouraged to purchase the school jumper available in Term 4.

Can I bring my phone and Ipod?

You may bring your phone and other forms of personal technology. However, they may be confiscated by staff if deemed to be used inappropriately.

Is there homework?

We provide enough time for all compulsory work to be completed within school hours. Students may be asked to complete tasks at home. VCE students may wish to complete work at home.

Are there school holidays?

We have school holidays in line with other Victorian private schools.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem?

You may talk to any of the staff if you have a problem. We can also assist if you require another professional; doctor, police, psychologist etc.

What feedback will I get?

You will get a report once per term from us and from DECV. You will also get regular feedback in regards to your ILP though our personal development program.

What camps will I go on?

You will go on four camps per year and also have the option to travel to South East Asia. Our compulsory camps include Surf Camp, Queensland Camp, Valley Camp and  Road Trip.

What subjects can I do?

You will do maths, English, Personal Development, Health and Science as well as being able to select from a range of subjects and activities. Please see the subjects page for more information.

Can I get an ATAR?

You may do an assessed VCE though DECV. You will also have the option to do VCE over 2-4 years or non-assessed.

Will I sit exams?

Year 8-10 students will sit exams according to their ILP’s. VCE students will sit exams only if they wish to obtain an ATAR.

When do I get my books?

We will distribute your book list items as you require them.