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Parent FAQs


Is there a uniform?

There is no formal uniform. Students are encouraged to purchase the school jumper available in Term 4.

Can my child bring their phone and Ipod?

Your child may bring their phone or other forms of personal technology. However, they may be confiscated by staff if deemed to be used inappropriately.

Is there homework?

We provide enough time for all compulsory work to be completed within school hours. Students may be asked to complete tasks at home. VCE students may wish to complete work at home.

Are there school holidays?

We have school holidays in line with other Victorian private schools.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem?

You may talk to any of the staff if you have a problem. Contact Kate first and she will direct you to the right person.

What feedback will I get?

You will get a report once per term from us and from DECV. You will also get regular feedback in regards to your child’s ILP. This may be written or verbal and vary in frequency depending on your child’s needs.

What camps will my child attend?

Your child will attend four camps per year and also have the option to travel to South East Asia. Our compulsory camps include  Surf Camp, Queensland Camp, Valley Camps and  Road Trip.

What subjects will my child study?

Your will study maths, English, personal development and science as well as being able to select from a range of subjects and activities. Please see the subjects page for more information.

Can my child study for an ATAR?

Your child may study an assessed VCE though our DECV partnership. They will also have the option to do VCE over 2-4 years or non-assessed.

Will my child sit exams?

For Year 8 - 10 practice exams may be set as appropriate. For Year 11 and 12 students will only sit exams if they wish to achieve an ATAR score. An ungraded VCE is possible without sitting exams. We will discuss the options for completion of VCE with you and your child over the course of their studies with us.


Is the DECV calendar the Same as the JCS calendar?

DECV has two semesters per year. There are mid-term holidays that break the year into four terms. JCS has four terms. These will not always exactly coincide with DECV dates. Your student will be expected to attend at JCS during JCS Term times.


Will my child have the opportunity to go overseas?

JCS students get the chance to travel overseas to destinations including Thailand and Indonesia. These incur an extra cost. Please refer to the Camps tab for more details on camps and trips.


 What are the family workshops?

Family workshops are offered to families to help resolve conflict on needs basis.


Are there any other associated costs in addition to fees?

JCS will issue a booklist each semester, all items on this list are compulsory. These will provide your child with the texts required for their subjects, as well as stationary and camp equipment.

 Camps are compulsory and will incur an extra cost. A camp deposit is payable at the commencement of the year. The remainder of each camp will be invoiced closer to the time of the camp.

 Students will be asked to pay for anything they break, unless a staff member considers it to be an accident. This includes computers. There are also fee and technology deposits.


How do we pay our fees?

Fees are invoiced four times per year and payable within 7 days of receipt of invoice. Fees are payable on credit card, cash or cheque.