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Family Workshops

Family Workshops

Family Workshops are an optional part of the school curriculum which focus on enabling more fluid communication between family members. Workshops take a variety of forms and may be run as individual families or in conjunction with other families. 

There is no compulsion to share information above and beyond that which you are comfortable in sharing and those who cannot make the over-night workshops can complete a shorter weekend version at the school itself.


All retreats are facilitated by Dr. Carnegie. As well as his B.Ed., Doctoral qualifications and Diploma of Youth Work, Jon is a qualified, registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association. Jon will be assisted by Kate Bevan who holds a Dip Education and Dip Community services. Jon will guide the family through a series of communication strategies which are designed to open the lines of communication between parents and students as well as between husbands and wives. 

You will decide exactly how intense you would like the sessions to be. While the benefits of an intense program are ideal, many families are not ready for this type of counselling, or may already be in counselling of some form. The level to which you want to go with this work is totally up to you.

Family workshops and retreats will vary in duration and will be held at the Melbourne centre.

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