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JCS 2019 DATES (Please note these are still to be confirmed)

February 4th                        VCE only preparation

February 5th                        Term 1 commences Junior

February 11th- 14th              Surf Camp

March 11th                           Labour Day

April 4th                               Last day of Term 1


Aprill 22nd                            Easter Monday

April 23rd                              Term 2 commences ALL

April 25th                              Anzac Day

May 6th – 9th                        Valley Camp

June 10th                               Queen’s Birthday

June 27th                               Last day of Term 2


July 15th                                Term 3 commences ALL

July 19th                                Pupil free day

August 12th-15th                   Queensland camp

September 8th- 14th                 Thailand Camp

September 12th                     Last day of Term 3


October 7TH                         Term 4 commences ALL

November 4th                       Pupil free day

November 5th                       Melbourne Cup

November 25th – 28th          Road Trip

December 11th                     Last day of Term 4

December 11th                     Presentation Evening